well some things you can explain away

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BLoGston Marathon: The Day After


Nothing can change that beautiful New England country side. Nothing can wipe away the moment I had with that Joey girl holding that well preserved New Kids poster from ‘89. Nothing can stop the “little person” walking up heart break hill or the double amputee walking down it on prosthetic…

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Ask a Grown Man

“Everybody farts.” And more wisdom from Jon Hamm.

Jon Hamm answered some teen girl questions for Rookie Mag, which is one of my very favorite websites even though I am not actually a teen girl (but you wouldn’t know that based on the quizzical expressions sported by everyone who has ever sold me alcohol and the fact that I am on Tumblr.)

After watching this clip filled with some excellent eyebrow emotions, I am positive that Jon Hamm is terrified of teen girls. Teen girls, please, please, please continue to freak Jon Hamm the fuck out.